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Will the Xim really make me better?  (Read 468 times)

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Will the Xim really make me better?
« on: 11:36 PM - 03/01/18 »
As someone who has played with a controller my whole life im exited to try something new with the Apex but Im wondering if the apex will really make me a better player.  just hoping you xim owners can let me know if you noticed any difference when you switched.

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Re: Will the Xim really make me better?
« Reply #1 on: 11:40 PM - 03/01/18 »
The possible skill ceiling with a mouse is higher than it is with a stick. However, raw aim is only part of the equation. Situational awareness, tactics, etc. are often a bigger factor in games than just aim. If you've never played with mouse and keyboard before, you'll probably take some time to adjust.
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Re: Will the Xim really make me better?
« Reply #2 on: 12:03 AM - 03/02/18 »
I wont try to speak for everybody here, but i think a large majority of us are from a pc gaming background, so mouse and keyboards are what a large portion of us are used to.  I have never been good on a controller because i dedicated most of my youth playing games mainly on pc and just buying a console so i could play with the majority of my friends online.   Most of those friends werent willing to take the time to build a pc for 1200-1500 bucks just to play a game.  Because consoles are so accessible and cheap, most people have them.  One day out of curiosity in 2008 i started googling mouse and keyboard xbox 360 and ran in to some information about Obsivs project to bring mouse and keyboard  to xbox 360 (the xim 1).  i became very interested in what he was doing and ended up buying it to see how mouse and keyboard felt on a console.  From that day forward, i never used the sticks again with the exception of Fifa, for obvious reasons.  Like anything, if you dont have experience there will be a learning curve, but once you get used to it, it is really hard to turn back.  To most of us, sticks have always been obsolete, especially when you have any sort of background playing pc games.  I wouldnt really say you will become better necessarily, i have seen some people who are damned good with a controller, but there is a slight advantage if you know what you are doing.  Mouse and keyboard simply made console play feel more natural, and with less time to game than i used to have, it helps me keep up with all the kids that sink as many hours into it as i did when i was younger with my NES and SNES.
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