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Question reguarding apex and deadzone  (Read 1342 times)

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Question reguarding apex and deadzone
« on: 04:45 PM - 02/21/18 »
I was just wondering, is the only way to detect that you are outside the dead zone, a sequence of lights again? Or is there something better added? I remember on the xim3 we had a picture of the controller and when you where outside of the deadzone it showed you and then you where able to adjust it until you found your sweetspot.

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Re: Question reguarding apex and deadzone
« Reply #1 on: 05:15 PM - 02/21/18 »
So, just to make sure anyone who reads this on the same page, what you are describing is not deadzone. Deadzone is the region in the center of the stick you must move beyond in order for movement to register in a given game.

This is a very different thing from exceeding the maximum look speed of a game, which is what the red lights indicate.

To answer your question, Apex still relies on a flashing red LED to indicate that you have exceeded the maximum look speed of a game.
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