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The 0 Aim Assist Overwatch Challange  (Read 634 times)

A Big Ol Bully

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The 0 Aim Assist Overwatch Challange
« on: 11:38 AM - 02/09/18 »
So I've recently started playing overwatch on Xbox again. I went to PC after season 6.
I've been High Plat for seasons 1-4 and Master on 5 and 6 (Widow/Bastion Main). I'm also +4500 SR on PC seasons 7&8 (McCree/Widow Main).

On Xbox I turned off Aim Assist after season 3.
After playing with No Aim Assist for over 4 seasons now I went back to xbox and for some reason the AA was on. I decided to mess with it and different levels but at the end of the day it's just SO bad.
Just made it to level 25 and have done 3 placement matches but I'm constantly 3-4 Gold (and no I'm not really playing with many -100lvl players and LOTS of Smurfs)

Using/Relying on Aim Assist develops VERY bad muscle memory. For those of you who can't hit the broad side of a barn on PUBG... this is because you've been so used to this Aim Assist garbage from OW and COD.
If the trend continues, future games won't have aim assist for xbox, namely competitive ones.

Here comes my challenge:
I challenge anyone to play Overwatch for 30 days w/o any aim assist

Make a smurf account if you're concerned with your hidden SR.
You'll play like garbage for 15 days.. I promise. but after that you'll be right back to where you were before, if not better. Your flick response will be better and more precises and I promise you'll never go back to Aim Assist again.

The Xim is all about breaking out of the bounds you're expected to be in. Learn to be a pro... not a chump.

Post your results here, I look forward to reading them.
-Your (not so) friendly neighborhood Bully

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Re: The 0 Aim Assist Overwatch Challange
« Reply #1 on: 02:41 PM - 02/09/18 »
I may take you up on this i recently did my placements on pc agin and came to quite and unusual acknowlegement. I have been using almost pure arm aim for a while meaning stiff straight arm and little to completely no wrist movement. Ive been using nice low sensitivities but it seems my experimentation with higher windows has lead me to some very bad habbits that are probably going to take a while to correct
Mainly play overwatch
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Re: The 0 Aim Assist Overwatch Challange
« Reply #2 on: 10:48 PM - 02/09/18 »
I've begun to switch to PC myself, and I find that I don't really have any issues aiming, I tried a few games without AA on xbox, and I've found that using my current settings without AA is entirely different than native mouse aim. What kind of settings are you using to aim without AA

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Re: The 0 Aim Assist Overwatch Challange
« Reply #3 on: 02:09 AM - 02/14/18 »
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