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Siege XIM4
« on: 11:52 AM - 02/06/18 »
I am all setup with my xim. I'm looking to compare button mapping with people to try to fine tune my setup. For example right now I've got E and Q for peeking... however sometimes it doesn't peek and I have to hit the button more than once (Q) and it gets me milled. Also when I hit E sometikmes before I ADS it Melded.... obviously that because E represents the right stick. I habe thought long and hard about this and there's no way to get melee off of there is there since it's programmed into the Game? Hit me up add me to help please fellas with these types of things. Jackel Furious

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Re: Siege
« Reply #1 on: 06:01 AM - 02/07/18 »
you could set it up that E and Q only works when u ads with rightclick ...
to do that set up activation on right click on ur ads settings
and then when u dont press rightclick u can use E and Q for something else ..
thats how i do it

i use E for spot when i dont ads and i use e for lean when i ads
i use q for jump\vault when i dont ads and u use q for lean when i ads

disable inherit button from primary or whats it called
and u can do an ads button page when rightclick is pressed
and and hip button page
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