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PUBG - ADS toggle?  (Read 543 times)

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PUBG - ADS toggle?
« on: 08:45 PM - 01/13/18 »
I'm currently using Battlefield Hardlines ST and have had the most success using it. However, I'm starting to notice that aiming down site isn't more reactive like I'd like it to be/have it set up for. Does the Xim4 process that for shooters you have to be holding down the LT button to aim so the ADS settings for the mouse aren't put in effect? I then went into the Xim4 app and noticed there's a setting for "Toggle". Can someone explain that to me please?

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Re: PUBG - ADS toggle?
« Reply #1 on: 10:45 PM - 01/13/18 »
Yes, if you enable toggle doe ADS in Manager, then your XIM4 will continue to hold the ADS key down until the toggle button is pressed again. In order to ensure things don't get out of sync, you can assign up to 4 deactivatation keys to force you out of the toggle. This will enable ADS toggle in games that don't support it.
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