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Obsiv you sneaky fox!  (Read 667 times)

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Obsiv you sneaky fox!
« on: 05:24 PM - 01/13/18 »
Its that time again where you surprised us with yet another XIM and  Id like to take a moment to thank you for all your wonderful products that have given me 11 years of gaming fun . Starting with your first XIM, you got us all hooked by sharing with us your super duper work. keep it up gangster. Now hurry up and unleash the freaking apex cause all these videos and posts are extremely teasing 🙈👀

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Re: Obsiv you sneaky fox!
« Reply #1 on: 10:49 PM - 01/13/18 »
Thank you for the kind words. :-) I'll be releasing more instructional videos which will help shed more light on the product -- which now separates out an "Expert" mode.
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