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XIM APEX Optimizing your Aim  (Read 108585 times)

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XIM APEX Optimizing your Aim
« on: 10:59 AM - 03/31/18 »
There is a lot going on within your XIM APEX to produce the best possible aiming experience for you. When you add a new Config, XIM APEX is designed so that all you need to do is set your aim sensitivity for a great result. But, you may be able to get even more out of your XIM APEX. Here's how.

Game and Mouse Setup
Optimizing your aim starts with ensuring your XIM APEX is working with a mouse and within a game environment that is set up correctly.

1) Set your mouse polling rate to 1000Hz
2) Set your mouse DPI to maximum
3) Make sure your in-game aim sensitivity to maximum
4) Follow the additional required in-game settings as described by tapping the gear:

Tuning your Aim
IMPORTANT: Everyone's hardware setup and gaming style is different. There is no universal set of settings that works for everyone. As you go through this list in order, try out each step in game. If your aim feels right to you at any point, then STOP. There is no need to continue.

1) Adjust your sensitivity until it feels right in-game
Hip and ADS are adjusted separately if your game has an Aim Down Sight mode.

2) Enable 1000Hz Response Rate under Global Settings
You must restart your XIM APEX and Manager after saving a change the Response Rate. Make sure you see the "1000Hz" badge in Manager after you restart.

3) Change Synchronize under advanced Aim settings
The Synchronize setting is used to better match your XIM APEX's mouse translation to your game's input processing system. Set this based on your game's framerate (most commonly is 60fps). If you don't know your game's framerate, leave it as Default (do not use Off). If your game is running at:

60fps (such as CoD, Battlefield, Halo, Overwatch), then set to Common and reduce your sensitivity.
30fps (such as Destiny), then set to Slow and reduce your sensitivity.

4) Use Smoothing to reduce subtle jitter of high-DPI mice
High DPI mice and unsteady hands can sometimes cause slight aim jitter. If needed, gradually increase Smoothing until you reach your desired level of stability.

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