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[ACTIVE] controller issue (it doesn t start)  (Read 78 times)

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[ACTIVE] controller issue (it doesn t start)
« on: 04:39 AM - 01/13/18 »
recently i changed my controller and now the mouse and keyboard starts but my controller don t; i tried to press the "PS" button but nothing, it remain off.
 my manager detect  the mouse and keyboard.
i have the last firmware installed, and ps4 controller device setting on "use usb communication".
i am using dualshock 4  v2 (slim and ps4 pro controllers).
What can i do to resolve the problem?
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Re: controller issue (it doesn t start)
« Reply #1 on: 08:51 AM - 01/13/18 »
This controller is supported by the latest firmware. I would update using this build.


If you believe you're up to date can you go to Manager's menu-about and share the firmware version number?
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