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Keeps disconnecting from iPhone  (Read 131 times)

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Keeps disconnecting from iPhone
« on: 06:42 PM - 01/12/18 »
I have even reset my phone and the xim just keeps disconnecting from my iPhone and it makes me go through the re pair process on my phone but it does not work. I will hold the p button and plug it in and it just stays a solid blue color please help

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Re: Keeps disconnecting from iPhone
« Reply #1 on: 07:04 PM - 01/12/18 »
Holding P then attaching XIM4 will place XIM4 into programming mode, XIM4 can only be used with the firmware tool in this mode. Instead you should connect XIM4 normally then open XIM4 Manager. If it doesn't connect after pressing P while connecting I would first toggle bluetooth and airplane mode off then on again in both your phone settings and in the action center. This has been reported as necessary for some users after the recent iOS update. If this doesn't help then uninstalling the Manager app, rebooting the phone, then reinstalling and re-pairing should help.
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