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Dilemma updating my XIM4 to XIM Apex  (Read 1255 times)

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Re: Dilemma updating my XIM4 to XIM Apex
« Reply #15 on: 07:19 PM - 07/13/18 »
Is not contradiction, is about personal preferences. Most guys on here prefer 12k DPI. I personally always hated it because no sensor in the world can keep up perfectly at that DPI. I also prefer lower ones like 1600 dpi and 3200 dpi, wich doesn´t mean someone using 12k can´t suceed.

Also if you think that tweaking stuff is boring and annoys you idk how you even use a mouse to aim. Because the mice world has infinite combinations even on PC. Mousepads alone are a whole world. You have the hard pads, plastic or icemat, you have cloth ones with fast no friction or control with more texture. You have some sensors working better on black colour, others working better with colours. Then you have the DPI in each sensor wich makes them behave differently.

Then you have the 3310 sensor known for its very accurate and linear tracking, while the 336x is faster and a bit more responsive but with worse micro adjustements. You can also use AM010 wich is a good combination of both but without being the best at anything. Then each 336x implementation is different, with Logitech one having a bit of deadzone while SteelSeries one (trueMove3) having better diagonal movements. Zowie mice with shapes for everyone that can make you aim better even with a suposely inferior sensor.

I mean there are so many setups, combinations, configs, and everyone is different. Complaining because of 3 sync options makes no sense imo.

If you want max simplicity pick up the controller, use a sens that makes you feel confortable and have fun. Mice world is infinite, even pros try different stuff everyday, so you´re welcome to accept it if you want or just switch input method.

As you said the pc is infinite world, i 100% agree, but dude we are talking about Xim apex not a Pc !! pc is a thing and xim is another thing, the fact that you can use aim assist with a mouse doesn’t  exist on Pc !!! it’s considered as cheating !! you put your crosshair on that enemy and the aim assist do his job while you’re laughing, this ridiculous, so plz don’t insult the pc by this comparison.