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[Q/A] Whatís the deal with the xim sensitivity cap?  (Read 232 times)

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All games are fine except gears of war 4.

I set the mouse to 12,000 dpi, all in game settings are max sensitivity.
When trying to aim and wall bounce, I notice that the xim flashes red
because the maximum sensitivity it can read is being triggered.

Iíve tried using 800 dpi,  5,000 dpi, 8,000 dpi but nothing makes a difference.

Since the max sensitivity the xim can render is hit, the aiming is all off in gears.
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Re: Whatís the deal with the xim sensitivity cap?
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This is the turn speed limit. Console games have a maximum speed that they allow you to turn. This max turn speed will vary between games and is a limit set by the game developer. XIM4 flashes red lights when you've reached the turn speed limit. If you continue moving faster than what the game allows then that movement is ignored and you may see less movement as a result. By either lowering your sensitivity or moving your mouse slower to stay under or ride the turn speed limit should result in more onscreen movement.
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