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Preorder? and maybe delivery extras  (Read 1136 times)

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Preorder? and maybe delivery extras
« on: 05:48 PM - 01/09/18 »
for a few days(2) I was investigating the possibility to play with keyboard and mouse on my console (X1X), and the journey brought me here.
I know that the target is to have Apex for sale in Feb (I hope there will be no issues that can delay this).
I want to share/ask for 2 things here.
1. It would really be good to have a pre-order for Apex. I know that OBsIV said something about moving/creating a new shopping page/site. If the preorder appears with this event, then my 1st question is answered more or less.
2. Gamers all over the world are interested in XIM, and I know that many online sites in the US provide a service that will take care for all the customs taxes fees etc, (at least when delivering in the EU) so you just pay and receive your goods at your front door(UPS). If you provide such a service, it will be great for your customers(but may affect the resellers tbh).

I'm really looking forward to have my first mouse/keyboard console experience ever using XIM Apex!