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Cant get keyboard or mouse to work ingame.  (Read 190 times)

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Cant get keyboard or mouse to work ingame.
« on: 12:12 AM - 12/13/17 »
I've been reading through alot of the forum and faq, and I cant seem to fix my issue which I dont know what that is. I got my xim4 over a year ago and it worked fine then i stopped using it and now im ready to use it again. Ive updated to all the recent firmware and even did a factory reset. Ive hooked it all up and got my xim4 manager configured. The manager shows all the correct icons and if i press the keys or mouse, they show up on the manager. It has a glowing red light at all times (although moving the mouse makes it go rapid pink/purple). Im sure im just missing a small step but like the title says, i cant use the kb/m in-game.