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Best PUBG ST discussion  (Read 86661 times)

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Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« Reply #720 on: 01:22 AM - 02/14/18 »
Hard Restarting or Reinstalling your game will probably not help.
By doing the above all you're doing is clearing the cache. That's the information the system holds for quick access because you regularly use it or even keep it running in the background.
PUBG uses very little of this, that's why the game is also so small on your xbox.
PUBG uses a lot of cloud preprocessing for it's textures hence why Xbox One users don't have all the textures loaded, just amophus blobs. Those blobs are all that's really stored on your xbox, the rest is filled in in the cloud.
This is where the framedrop comes in indoors.
It's the ambient lighting. On X1X you'll notice that when you walk around it's almost like the next room is gradually lighting up for you. That's the xbox grabbing the textures and adjusting them on the fly to reflect the current lighting, this requires both the server and your xbox to be communicating perfectly in harmony for those to load fast and smooth. This lighting isn't as strong on X1 and that's why they're not having the same frame drop.

Here's the kicker, for them to fix this issue they eather need to:
1) Download a LOT more of the game on your xbox so it's not reaching for the servers
                        (which is due to a size limit on early access titles imposed by Microsoft)
2) Get Microsoft to raise the 1.5Mb Upload cap which is preventing smooth communication.

TL:DR - The cloud first and second pass texture rendering are causing the lag. It's worse on X1X do to the indoor lighting effect. Bottlenecks need to be resolved but as of yet no word.

I need you to site your source of information that tells you the game loads in from the cloud or at all. I've been googling this topic for two days and all I can find is some services offering to stream to game to your low spec pc from their high spec servers. these people are not blue hole.

you also say the buildings load in slow because of the cloud. i have my game installed on an ssd. that is not the cloud and my textures are always loaded in before i hit the ground . if i move the game to the internal drive. i get the laggy building load in. leading me to believe it's not server based

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Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« Reply #721 on: 06:39 AM - 02/16/18 »
if in my inventory st i set the same deactivation button that i use to activate it, inventory commands go in loop?

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Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« Reply #722 on: 12:26 PM - 02/16/18 »
PUBG is now supported. To download force a library update in menu-globals. I'm going to lock existing pubg threads to avoid confusion now that support is out. I'd like to thank everyone who spent time testing and sharing config settings.
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