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Overwatch Settings Help  (Read 1239 times)

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Overwatch Settings Help
« on: 02:12 PM - 08/18/17 »
Hey guys, I recently purchased my xim about a week ago & I've gotten good with the settings I'm using but I know it could be better since the video i got my settings from was for PS4 and on a wireless mouse or something lol? Idk but if you guys could post some settings for me to try xim+game settings for Overwatch I'd really appreciate it! I'll post what I'm using so far. Btw I'm using a 28inch Asus Monitor/G502/Elite Controller/Xbox One S
I'm having problems turning but I would like to play on a fast paced sensitivity, I've seen people on the forums talk about using controller crossover but I'm not sure what that is

Overwatch settings: sensitivity 100/100
Aim smoothing 0
Aim assist strength 100
Aim assist window size 80
Exponential Ramp

Sensitivity 8.50
Y/X Ration 1.00
Boost 0
Turn Assist On
Steady Aim On
Hip Translator

Mouse dpi 12k

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Re: Overwatch Settings Help
« Reply #1 on: 03:24 PM - 09/06/17 »
my game setting are the same.
Xim and mouse a bit different. I got my DPI cut In half. But my hip is set to 15. Al other xim settings set to default. Feels just like PC other than aim assist.

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Re: Overwatch Settings Help
« Reply #2 on: 02:24 AM - 11/10/17 »
How do you change your dpi?