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For the XIM noobs - Let's set the record straight!  (Read 52023 times)

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For the XIM noobs Lets set the record straight
« Reply #30 on: 01:38 AM - 07/11/19 »
I got it to work  But hve a question  When I ADS and my guy is standing still my gun is swaying to the right not shure if thats jitter or what ,How do I remove that ? Also thanks for the config so far Im likening it

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Re: For the XIM noobs - Let's set the record straight!
« Reply #31 on: 01:06 PM - 07/12/19 »
Pull up on the right stick of the controller, center it.

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Re: For the XIM noobs - Let's set the record straight!
« Reply #32 on: 05:43 PM - 08/16/19 »
I've been a Xim user and active member of this community for several years now. I'm one of the biggest advocates (ok probably "The Biggest") for Advanced Settings in this forum and I personally use them with pretty much every single game I play.

That being said...

My advice to everyone, especially new users is this.

You DONOT have to use Advanced Settings (curves,etc.) To make Xim4/APEX usable and effective. As a matter of fact, you should ALWAYS start out only using the proper ST (smart translator) for a game and give it atleast a few weeks before even considering Advanced Settings.

There's a reason Advanced Settings are called "Advanced." They are not always necessary to use and can be confusing for new users. Which means they should be avoided until you have a good understanding of the product and you feel you need to chg something based on your own personal preferrance or in game performance.

As a new user all you need to do is follow the startup guide. Load up the proper ST for your game. Setup your button configuration and adjust the Hip and ADS sensitivity to your liking. THAT'S IT FOLKS!

Give that a go for atleast a few weeks. It's going to take you that long just to figure out if Vanilla settings are good enough for you. And if they aren't then why? After all, how can you troubleshoot a problem if you don't even understand what the problem is? After that, then start searching through the forum to see if others are experiencing similar issues to your own. How did they address it, what are my options? I have put together a bunch of stuff related to Advanced Settings and linked the thread in my signature. If the time ever comes and you feel the urge to learn or do more then you should start there.

I hope this helps ease some confusion and or frustration for newer users.

This product is light years ahead of any other kb/m adapter out there and Advanced Settings may not be  necessary for your needs. Don't jump in over your head. You may make things worse then they need to be.

Baby steps...


RML  8)

Hi. I just bought a XIM ALEX and Installed it with my PS4, the thing is that I donít use mouse and keyboard, just controller. I donít know how to use the aim assist with just the controller, is it any configuration I could use. Tnx a lot

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Re: For the XIM noobs - Let's set the record straight!
« Reply #33 on: 03:22 AM - 08/17/19 »
Welcome to the forum, tachoTeam.

Aim assist is a mechanic of console games, not the Apex itself. It helps controller users, who can't be as precise as mousers with an analogue stick, to be more accurate by reducing sensitivity, temporarily, whilst the reticle is very close to, or on, target.

By using the analogue stick of your controller, you're already getting maximum aim assist. In fact the XIM isn't actually helping you at all, as its role is to translate mouse and keyboard signals into those can be understood by your console. May I ask why you bought a XIM Apex?

Where's HL3?

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For the XIM noobs Lets set the record straight
« Reply #34 on: 03:20 AM - 09/24/19 »
I understand this question. Let's discuss.