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What are the best overall Overwatch settings?  (Read 2157 times)

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Re: What are the best overall Overwatch settings?
« Reply #15 on: 08:37 AM - 10/13/17 »
Thanks for your feedback regarding linear or expo and aim assist window i think i will be trying around 25-50 aim assist window and i agree about that junkinsteins revenge aim assist problem i was using 50 and getting pulled all over the place anyway who really cares its just a chill mode and its the same as last year this threads taking good ahape though real usefull settings first time since early this year the overwatch post got kind of filled with @#$% and i myself have to admit have been a contributer

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Re: What are the best overall Overwatch settings?
« Reply #16 on: 09:16 AM - 10/13/17 »
Agreed with the poster above, expo is the way to go. I use:
3200 dpi
Xim sens 16.5
Widow ads sens 13.5
Aim assist 100
Aim assist window 65

Tried using 18 for xim sens but couldn't do it, but I've noticed all the really good widow players use 90 or 100 percent relative aim sense while scoped.

Hardware is in signature, here are some of my stats https://www.overbuff.com/players/xbl/BERSERKERcult?

Was at 3650, now I'm a little bit lower but I think I can hit gm this season.

I use 12k dpi and I just converted your sensitivity (16.50) to match mine at 12k dpi and it would mean my sensitivity would be 5 .... that would feel really slow surely? I currently use 8.5, if I had it to 5 I think i'd hate it... but I am going to test it out lol.

I also use 25 AAW as opposed to 65

I'm also playing at 12k dpi, and my converted sensitivity from linear was 4, i can't imagine playing on something like 8 or more. 4 still seems pretty fast