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feature requests: hold delay, multitap, L/R control stick swap  (Read 364 times)

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I'd like to request the ability to "press and hold," where you could assign both a controller button and how long to hold it down to a single keyboard key.  For example: "hold circle for <1.5> seconds -> Y"

And as long as I'm asking, how about a "multi tap" assignment, where you could assign both a controller button and the number of times it is pressed to a single keyboard key.  For example, "press circle <3> times -> Z"

One way to do this in the UI would be to have a "+" link next to each button - on both the primary and secondary menus - that you could tap to bring up a small UI window for just that one button, where you could assign either a multitap value or a hold delay.

Finally, I'd also love the ability to swap left and right control sticks for menus.  For instance, in some games you use the left stick to move around, but it's also your menu cursor - but in a PC game the mouse would control the cursor.  My suggestion for how to do this in the UI would be to use the existing sub config that's triggered on a keypress, but add a checkbox near the top that said "reverse L/R control stick" (or whatever the technical name is of those joystick buttons), and while that sub menu is activated these two inputs are reversed.

Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this but thanks for listening!

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Not gonna happen, macros aren't supported on a Xim from a philosophical standpoint.

Swapping sticks *might* be possible on a sub-config though. Honestly, I've done this on a Titan One and Titan Two and it doesn't work like PC as mice don't exhibit the same behaviour (distance vs velocity).

It's not that hard to navigate a menu using WASD or a Nav controller stick. Failing that, do what I do and pick up the controller.