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Overwatch - My advices for fighting against lag and latency  (Read 1104 times)

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Hey guys !

Well, It's been a while since I started playing overwatch with xim4.
And as I became more precise at aiming, latency became a huge problem

As you all know, overwatch servers on PS4 are not on the same page as those used for PC ...
Well, that said there are still some room to improve your experience actually

So here they are as far as I know :
  • Get yourself a low response time monitor :
    - most tv are high in response time, so to optimize your experience, get a gaming monitor !
  • When you play, make sure ( if possible ) that your bandwidth is mostly dedicated to you ( for example, if you watch tv through your internet connexion, switch it off . If you are downloading your latest episode of game of throne ... pause it :) ) Also be careful if you have a connected hard drive ( like "my cloud" from western digital for example ) it swallows a lot of bandwidth and can slow down your ping A LOT
  • Xim4 related :
    For most keyboard and mice, switch of the led lighting as it will drain the power from your little xim4 adaptor and possibly make it more laggy ( for some reasons )
  • Also try to use a usb powered suply to help you ( same reason as above )
  • And at last  :
     if despite of optimizing all the stuffs above it is still laggy, then try to limit tick rate for client/server.
    A weird consequence of limiting client/server is that, as you refresh less your datas, you'll see yourself more precise
    ( some random shot will land ) . My guess is, since you refresh less than normal, somehow ennemies random moves will appear less random as the movement will sometimes not be updated in time . And since what you see in your screen is what will decide if you land a hit or not ... it's like you hit an ennemy which movements has been slowed down a bit
    ► Well, let me know if you have the same feeling by using this technique , as it is just feeling I have ( I may be wrong, so if someone could try and confirm it could be cool )

If you can see other advices share it here so that we can all benefit to it :)

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Hey where can I turn of the red lights? Do you mean the blinking/breathing or lights in general?
About the rest yeah PSN Server are @#$%... As you've explained only shots register that are hitting on your end but what if one third of them doesn't hit because they are missing for my enemy is there anything I can do about? My Ping is 30, Nat-Typ 2 also both Down and Upload are way above whats required.

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You can watch youtube battle(non)sense analysis of xim4 and Overwatch. Because of forced vsync there is a lot of input lag in Overwatch that players can't do anything about. Only 7ms from xim4, add a few ms on that if you have a good gaming monitor, but then you always have like 80ms from the game that can't be removed.