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Overwatch new update 2.18 new option "Aim Ease" is this what are we waiting for?  (Read 19822 times)

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honestly didn't know any of these changes was happening :o i just stuck to my same settings and didn't notice a thing.'
Maybe that could be a issue for people changing their settings so often not developing any muscle memory?

Nah, I think the people noticing changes were expo players. The change was rolled back according to Blizzard, so if they're being honest the change was live for 24 hours or less after the patch came out last week.

I'm going to be honest, there's a weird feeling I get when I play overwatch since that patch and following hotfix. My hitscan seems to feel just off.... Just a little different and I can't put my finger on it. I changed 0 settings and aim ease is at 0.
I think I may be done with OW myself. It's not fun learning a new aim technique every 2 weeks and I just don't like Expo. I guess Blizzard got what they wanted, the xim players leaving but I myself buy a $20 loot crate every time there's a new event, so joke's on them I guess.

I guess playing on PC and PS4/XBOX is really hard when you want to achieve PC aiming on console with xim. For me I just play on PS4 and playing OW in my free time after work. Just bought the xim for maximum advantage.

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Now that the diagonals being broken with aim ease are going to be fixed, would it be possible for a new ST? I feel like training the ST to something closer to linear with a more predicatable exponential curve (unlike the hand drawn exponential ramp) would feel better.

Exponential ramp ST may have a lot to work with when it comes to slow aim movements, but when it comes to sharp and snappy movements the ST has less speeds to work with and so it feels a bit sloppy.

Using linear ramp with the smallest amount of aim ease required to make micro movements feels good would leave more higher speeds available to the ST due a ramp which curves less near the higher end.