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Overwatch settings help (XboxOne)  (Read 698 times)

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Overwatch settings help (XboxOne)
« on: 02:29 PM - 08/18/17 »
Hey guys, I recently purchased my xim about a week ago & I've gotten good with the settings I'm using but I know it could be better since the video i got my settings from was for PS4 and on a wireless mouse or something lol? Idk but if you guys could post some settings for me to try xim+game settings for Overwatch I'd really appreciate it! I'll post what I'm using so far. Btw I'm using a 28inch Asus Monitor/G502/Elite Controller/Xbox One S
I'm having problems turning but I would like to play on a fast paced sensitivity, I've seen people on the forums talk about using controller crossover but I'm not sure what that is

Overwatch settings: sensitivity 100/100
Aim smoothing 0
Aim assist strength 100
Aim assist window size 80
Exponential Ramp

Sensitivity 8.50
Y/X Ration 1.00
Boost 0
Turn Assist On
Steady Aim On
Hip Translator

Mouse dpi 12k

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Re: Overwatch settings help (XboxOne)
« Reply #1 on: 07:45 AM - 08/19/17 »

your config looks perfect, its exactly how it should be setup
i wouldnt change much in it except for the mouse sensitivity

and that is where you have room for improvement
first off dont use the linear ramp crossover config, i really dont recommend it as it will reduce your overall mouse accuracy

now overwatch has a fairly slow maximum turnspeed, that means doing fast mouse swipes will result in close to no ingame turns at all
in order to perform very quick turns in overwatch you need to move your mouse at a slow but constant speed
the key word here is constant, a movement like that will let you turn around just as fast as a controller player can
give it a try, it requires a bit of muscle memory to learn but once you got the hang of it this will overall increase your preduction turns quite noticeably

as for your mouse sensitivity, its really high
what id like you to do is to follow this tutorial, it will guide you through a ~30 minutes procedure to find your best mouse sensitivity
with this sensitivity you have the highest accuracy while maintaining a comfortable turnspeed
its a CSGO tutorial but everything in this video can be copied 1:1 to your xim sensitivity as well as to any game you want to

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