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Using USB/HDMI hubs/switches/splitters for PC and XIM  (Read 1673 times)

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So I was told that would not be a good setup, but I have hooked up the to an IOGear USB 3.0 switch, and a 4 port HDMI splitter on top of a ElGato HD60S capture card.

I don't really see any noticeable differences in twitch gaming.  The only reason I'm investigating mutliple setups is because I want to use my HDMI splitter in conjunction with my PC/capture card to allow PS4 to display on all 3 of my monitors. Above that, I don't like connecting and reconnecting cables to provide transitioning between PC/PS4.

Why is everyone saying there's delay? The USB 3.0 interfaces provide literally none.

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Re: Using USB/HDMI hubs/switches/splitters for PC and XIM
« Reply #1 on: 02:48 AM - 07/07/17 »
I use multiple USB switches, a USB hub, a HDMI matrix, a HDMI splitter and a TOSlink matrix in my setup. If there's additional lag, it's infinitesimal. Unless you're a top-tier professional gamer, give the whole "...but lag!!!1!" whinge the heave-ho, your average wannabe try-hard won't notice it in the slightest, unless gaming on a crappy 30ms+ screen.

Most input lag is either within the game engine and thus more noticeable when using more granular mouse controls, or it's acceleration or timed velocity in the control mechanics, or the mouse has been poorly configured for use with a Xim (too low DPI), or the mouse sensor is just plain crap (all laser mice, most second-tier mice), or Xim sensitivity is dialed-in incorrectly (hitting the turn-speed cap).

Any of that can lead to a sense of lag where there is none. This is especially true for PC gamers who simply aren't used to console control speed limitations and blame it on the Xim when it's really them setting too high an expectation of non-native console m/kb, or simply not knowing how to use the thing properly.

Also note that a USB 3.0 hub is not helping in the slightest in a console setup unless hanging a HDD off it. USB 3 is all about the throughput, which is only helpful for video capture, not mouse, keyboard, controller etc, which all function at USB 2 speed. For optimal compatibility with a Xim, you're better with USB 2.0, but if the 3.0 switch is working fine, stick with it.
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