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3drudder  (Read 527 times)

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« on: 09:39 AM - 07/01/17 »
Has anyone attempted to use a 3drudder?

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Re: 3drudder
« Reply #1 on: 07:58 PM - 07/01/17 »
If it shows as a standard keyboard as it advertises, then, it should work.
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Re: 3drudder
« Reply #2 on: 08:02 PM - 01/10/19 »
3DRudder wants to have always running services on Windows. I think these services interpret the 3DRudder input and present them as different types of joysticks to Windows.

XIM4 detects 3DRudder as a joystick, but doesn't seem to understand any of the input.

If I set 3DRudder to keyboard mode and dualboot into Linux, it will "just work" as a keyboard device under Linux.

HOWEVER If the 3DRudder is unplugged or otherwise loses power, it reverts to joystick mode.

Using a Y split USB cable to keep the 3DRudder powered at all times, I was able to set it to keyboard mode, disconnect it from PC to connect it to the XIM4. This time, the XIM4 detects it as a mouse, not a joystick nor keyboard. However, XIM4 still doesn't respond to any input.

Given that it works under Linux, I think there is hope for making keyboard mode work with XIM with minimal effort. I have a XIM Edge, XIM4 and XIM Apex. If the developers would humor me in this pursuit, I can provide whatever diagnostic information and I can beta test on any XIM device.