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Mass Effect: Andromeda Update 2  (Read 1850 times)

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Update 2
« on: 08:41 AM - 05/31/17 »
Mass Effect: Andromeda supported has been updated.

To manually download this update, open XIM4 Manager and go to menu->globals then force a library update. PC users may need to run XIM4 Manager as administrator.

After downloading the update you are required to create a new Mass Effect: Andromeda config. After creation, press the center of the game picture in Manager's HUD screen then verify that the version number is:

Xbox One: "ME'A-X1.2"

PlayStation 4: "ME'A-P4.2"

These in-game settings are now required.

X Sensitivity: 100%
Y Sensitivity: 100%
Gamepad Deadzone: 0%

Gamepad Deadzone can be found in your game options by scrolling further down the settings list.
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