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Overwatch Smoothing Update  (Read 5127 times)

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Overwatch Smoothing Update
« on: 09:29 AM - 04/29/17 »
Overwatch support has been updated to version .4. Timed acceleration has been removed using the latest support which should be a big boost performance. It is now required to set 'Aim Smoothing' to zero.

After downloading the update you are required to create a new Overwatch config. After creation, press the center of the config game picture in Manager and to verify a ".4" at the end of the Smart Translator name. Rename or delete the old config.

To download, start XIM4 Manager and connect. Close Manager normally and then start again. Manager will then download the latest game support. PC users may need to run Manager as administrator.


These settings are now required using the latest support.

Horizontal Sensitivity: 100
Vertical Sensitivity: 100
Aim Technique: Exponential Ramp
Aim Smoothing: 0

'Exponential Ramp' and 'Aim Smoothing' can be found in game options->controls->advanced.
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