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[XIM4] Logitech G13, Joystick?  (Read 2751 times)

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[XIM4] Logitech G13, Joystick?
« on: 06:20 AM - 04/22/17 »
About a click away from purchasing the XIM4, finally.
Loving most, if not all of what I've read about it versus the Venom X.
Canadian Buyer so, going to expect to pay some premium. (~$250, 206 to ship, + customs fee)

Does the G13 work perfectly fine with the XIM4?
I found threads for Xim3 not working and thumb mods, the HW compatibility thread mentions "Joystick", does the G13 only work as another analog stick? bit confused, are the G-keys not registered.

I only have 1 keyboard (for PC) and about 3 mice, haha, and a G13. really dont want to spend more on another keyboard plus not enough desk space.

Okay, I have no idea how this ended up in the XIM3 forums. Mods can you please Delete this. thank you.
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Re: [XIM4] Logitech G13, Joystick?
« Reply #1 on: 10:08 AM - 04/22/17 »
Thanks for you interest in buying a XIM4. Yes, G13 is fully compatible -- less the LCD (you can't change what the LCD says or color). The stick is analog and all buttons are functional. It's a great device -- I was just using it last night to play Halo with my G502. :-)
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Re: [XIM4] Logitech G13, Joystick?
« Reply #2 on: 07:00 AM - 04/13/18 »
Does the G13 have on board memory?