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XiM4 wont connect to pc  (Read 468 times)

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XiM4 wont connect to pc
« on: 02:15 AM - 03/21/17 »
i have tried wired method and bluetooth to connect my xim to my computer and it still gives me a failure codes xim is brand new its been updated and everything (It connects to my iphone fine) no problems
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Re: XiM4 wont connect to pc
« Reply #1 on: 09:20 AM - 03/21/17 »
Is your XIM4 solid blue when attempting wired config mode? It shouldn't be, wired config mode is accessed differently compared to programming mode for firmware updates.

To use wired config mode attach XIM4 without holding a button. When the startup lights begin to flash immediately press and release P, the light sequence will be inturrupted and you should then be able to open and use Manager in wired mode.

About your bluetooth PC issue, what bluetooth adapter are you using? If you're using an onboard adapter, which motherboard do you have?
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