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Multiple profile issues?  (Read 383 times)

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Multiple profile issues?
« on: 10:13 AM - 02/28/17 »
I use to only have destiny profile on xim4 for every game. Recently I added overwatch and BF1 profile on there.

Overwatch is currently i default load up profile. But when I load destiny profile after about a few hour of playing bf1 or overwatch. Switching to destiny profile I have to crank up my xim sensitivity by a lot .  I first thought I got use to other games that's why, but at one pt I had to x2 the prev set destiny sensitivity and also I'm getting massive amount of input lag.  I don't remember destiny had that much dead spot. Before I had any other profile on my xim4, destiny was running extremely smooth for me.

Anybody got some advise?

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Re: Multiple profile issues?
« Reply #1 on: 11:33 AM - 02/28/17 »
It sounds like you may be accidentally using the wrong config for your game if sensitivity is off and you feel a deadzone. Are you able to leave Manager connected while playing? If so keep an eye on the HUD to ensure the correct game config remains loaded.

Also, check each config's hotkey button and ensure that the hotkey is not a common key like E for example. If you were to press E while in another config this would cause you to switch to the config that uses E for its hotkey. You can also check menu->globals to see if there is a config cycle key set to a common key as well.
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