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In light of Zombies crazy BF1 curves...  (Read 2903 times)

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Re: In light of Zombies crazy BF1 curves...
« Reply #15 on: 04:07 AM - 02/24/17 »
Love this.....  Cheers for sharing

Hey zombie
I foud a solution for players who want more sensitivity for hip to turn easy and also maintain precision whith your setup.

This hip curve rises too quickly to maintain precision at the hip (and for my taste the original Zombie's curve does too, just a tiny bit).

Here's a good way to test and tune the "Precise aim, Fast turn" curves. Each step of the curve that lies on the 1:1 diagonal should be set to 0.0, until the point where it rises above the 1:1 diagonal. Now you move your mouse slowly like you would if you are aiming at somebody from the hip and see if it registers movement, if the crosshair moves on the screen then the acceleration happens too soon.