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AHK and mouse settings  (Read 1618 times)

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AHK and mouse settings
« on: 06:55 PM - 01/27/17 »
If I desire to use ahk with m+kb on ps4, would I have to keep the xim4 hooked to my pc while I am playing? Because wouldn't that theoretically mean that there would not be enough ports for the mouse and keyboard?

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Re: AHK and mouse settings
« Reply #1 on: 02:38 PM - 02/02/17 »
To use AHK with a Xim4 requires a Belkin Transfer Cable and the SandhawC app in the Xim Commander section.

Yes, you'll need to keep your Xim4 connected to PC, but it's not due to a USB port limitation as Xim4 supports USB hubs. It's simply to allow the Xim to detect m/kb connected to PC and allow interaction with PC software.

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