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logitech g25
« on: 05:13 PM - 05/11/10 »
ive been playing with xim2 and xod(xEmulate) old software and got the g25 to work , but the deadzone is to big .As xim3 might be supporting the g25 ,will say eg forza 3 still see it as a xbox 360 controller , if it does the deadzone adjustment in game is still miles to big.

Turning 20 degrees to get any movement is just to odd !

Im just wondering if some magic code will trick the deadzones like on the mouse.

Thanks obsiv and co for the hard work , if i wasnt for xim1 ,xim2 id be still on my fragfx or worse still the xfps .All my friends cant afford pc's and i hate the controller with a passion.It been the only way to play with x360 friends.