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Great set-up for Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) on XIM4 (PS4 only, sorry!)  (Read 1355 times)

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Took me about a week to fully get it how I liked it. I think it's a pretty good set-up now so I wanted to share it with all of you since you've all helped me so much in the past! Hope most of you are on PS4 like me! But I'm sure you can transcribe to Xbox controller pretty easily if needed!

So I've got the button layout in the FFXV game menu set to Type B (or 2) and these will correspond to that (if you can't find that hit the Options button on your controller and go to controls. There should be three different layouts for the controller.)

Movement: WASD (duh :p)
R2: E
L2: C
R3: Z
L3: X
R1: Right Mouse Button
L1: LAlt
Cross or X: Space
Circle: Middle Mouse Button and/or LControl
Square: Left Mouse Button
Triangle: Q
D-Pad Up: 1
D-Pad Left: 2
D-Pad Right: 3
D-Pad Down: 4
(Bear with me here, I will explain how menus work***)
Start/Options Button: Esc
Menu Button/Touchpad: Tab
PS Button: Enter or Caps Lock

***Okay! Now to figure out how to navigate those menus with ease! So since nothing could really be done easily with regular controls I decided to use the modifier key function.
SO here goes:
1. Create a second layout (press the arrow to the right of where it says "hip") and call it "Shift" or whatever you want.
2. Under Activation put LShift as your modifier key.
3. Make sure toggle is off and uncheck "Inherit Buttons from Primary".
4. Under the Keyboard tab un-bind the WASD keys.
5. Under the buttons tab keep everything relatively the same as it was when you got there except change the                            D-Pad controls to:
D-Pad Up: W
D-Pad Left: A
D-Pad Down: S
D-Pad Right: D[/i]

6. You're done! But you may want to change L1 to Q and R1 to E so you can navigate the tabs in the menus as well (I have mine bound to my mouse so I don't have it like that).
Conclusion: So when you are in menus or need to use the D-Pad for any reason you can just hold down Shift. You can just hold left click to sprint or just tap x to auto-sprint since the shift key is being taken away by this set-up. I hope this helped you guys! And if you want a better set up for Chocobos.. I'll put that below as well!

Bonus Guide: Chocobo set-up!
So basically you're going to do the same thing as you did with the D-Pad setup by creating a new modifier except this time you're going to check the "toggle" box and set the modifier key to whatever you want (I have mine on the M key). Also unlike last time.. make sure under the keyboard tab it has WASD bound to movement. Once you do that you're going to want to set-up your keybinds under the "buttons" tab as so:
R2: Left Mouse Button
L2: Right Mouse Button
R3: n/a
L3: n/a
R1: n/a
L1: n/a
Cross or X: E
Circle: Space
Square: LShift
Triangle: n/a
D-Pad: (I put these on WASD too since it has no effect on movement while on chocobo so I could still navigate the menus without having to switch back to my regular set-up)
Start/Options Button: Esc
Menu Button/Touchpad: Tab
PS Button: Enter

Welp, that about does it! Happy hunting!