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special request bf1 crouch  (Read 1042 times)

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special request bf1 crouch
« on: 08:05 PM - 03/21/17 »
HI guys,

its my day 2 with the xim4 and I really enjoy it,

I play with the automatico, my type of play style is really agressive, im really good to rush enemy

but the only problem is,

 each time I try to slide most of the time my character prone, is there a way to put prone and crouch on different control?

I knoe on PC its 2 different keyboard key

on my controller I was using R3  so I didnt had this problem

thanks a lot

sorry for my bad english, My main language is french

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Re: special request bf1 crouch
« Reply #1 on: 09:52 PM - 03/21/17 »

On the XB1 a short press is crouch, another short press or start to sprint and you stand up, hold for longer and it goes straight to prone and vice versa,

I bind crouch to the mouse wheel so it registers just the short version and therefore just crouch.
For prone (long press) I have a secondary button to do the prone thing.

So I get what is needed from two separate buttons on the mouse

Might be a game setting that decides how crouch/prone is handled which could be worth checking or it might be that your keyboard/mouse is registering only the long press and needs slowing down.
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