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About binding?  (Read 525 times)

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About binding?
« on: 11:45 PM - 11/21/16 »
Hello, I do not have a Xim4, but i'm asking this question before I have to be more prepared to the time I have to configure everything.
I have learn about having my mouse at the highest DPI possible, that my razer tartarus will work perfectly and how to use the software (still watching some videos)
But I have a question about binding and the controller.

About binding, do i have to bind the start/touch pad/ share button on my razer tartarus? Or I use them directly from the control?

And the controller, for example, i'm playing GTA V, but I preffer to drive with control, can I use the controller while connected to the Xim4? I'm asking this because I read that when the controller is connected to the XIm4 the d-pad is to change the mouse sensitivity and the ads delay something like that.

If you didn't understand something, please, let me know to clarify. And sorry for my english.

Have a nice day/night.

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Re: About binding?
« Reply #1 on: 06:32 AM - 11/22/16 »
The controller will still fully function and i'd expect most games will have the keys binded aswell

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Re: About binding?
« Reply #2 on: 01:32 AM - 11/23/16 »
You can swap between m/kb and controller at any time. I use the controller for platforming sections, driving vehicles, navigating menus and oftentimes traversing the map until I run into enemies.

Short answer - the controller will work concurrently with m/kb and you can bind keys to the Tartarus. I'm not sure about Share, but all other buttons are bindable.
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Re: About binding?
« Reply #3 on: 02:58 PM - 11/23/16 »
You can't bind the share button on your keyboard but you can still press share on your controller.
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