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Gaming-Mouse with on-board-memory/-macros?!  (Read 3773 times)

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Gaming-Mouse with on-board-memory/-macros?!
« on: 03:27 AM - 08/22/16 »
Over 4 years ago I was searching for a mouse which conforms to certain requirements and found one with the Logitech G9X:  ;)

Today my mouse is "getting a bit long in the tooth" and I keep an eye out for an aktual mouse that suit my needs...  ;)
The requirements are an left mouse-button which can be assigned with an on-board-macro that can be stored on an on-board-memory with at least 3 profiles... The weight should be in range of the 100 grams of my G9X!
This endeavor ain't getting easier today...  ;D

A preferred mouse is the G502 because of the great sensor...
But the restrictions of the Logitech gaming software are an obstacle!  ::)

I'm using my Razer Orbweaver Chroma Stealth with diverse macros across Synapse with SandhawC...
There is AutoHotKey which allows macros?!
But I have the misgiving that this connection across my laptop causes a delay?!
Do I have to plug the mouse into the PC to use macros with SandhawC or is it possible to plug it directly into the Xim4 to do this?!
Does it produce a higher delay if I connect my Razer Orbweaver Chroma Stealth together with a mouse across an USB-3.0-hub with my laptop?!

Alternatively I'm interested in an aktual mouse which does this task without the detour across SandhawC - maybe you use one...  8)
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Re: Gaming-Mouse with on-board-memory/-macros?!
« Reply #1 on: 09:12 AM - 08/22/16 »
Hopefully someone will be able to comment about options for you that meet your size and functionality constraints. One option to consider is using a Titan One with your XIM4 as well.
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Re: Gaming-Mouse with on-board-memory/-macros?!
« Reply #2 on: 01:32 PM - 08/23/16 »
Not quite sure what you have trouble with in LGS as it works great for me -  but you basically described the G502 in what you want for a mouse.  The extra thumb button is pretty unique.  Most either have too many, or only 2.

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Re: Gaming-Mouse with on-board-memory/-macros?!
« Reply #3 on: 11:53 AM - 11/15/16 »
I use an A4tech Bloody ZL50 with my xim4 for xbox one and ps4...  works great.  This mouse holds 4 profiles in memory so I can have 4 diff gun macros at one time.  I have to hook it to my computer if I want to switch the macros to different ones.  My computer is right next to my consoles though so it's no big deal.  Takes like 30 seconds.

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Re: Gaming-Mouse with on-board-memory/-macros?!
« Reply #4 on: 04:04 PM - 11/15/16 »
you could also just use a titan one/two for the macro part and get whatever mouse you want to
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Re: Gaming-Mouse with on-board-memory/-macros?!
« Reply #5 on: 01:29 AM - 11/16/16 »
It depends on the complexity of the macro.

For basic combos, a mouse will do the job.

For more complex macros without needing a PC, go with a Titan One. Titan Two is almost out of beta too.

For crazy complex scripts or really large scripts, AHK and SandhawC is a solid way to go, though AHK also works through a Tian One. A PC is required in both of these scenarios.

Neither Titan One nor SandhawC should introduce detectable lag. Titan One can poll at 1ms, I'm not sure about SandhawC aside from the native 8ms Xim input lag for PS4 and 4ms for XB1. Titan Two polls at about 1/20th of a ms.

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