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Joystick Logitech Extreme 3D pro and Star Wars Battlefront  (Read 2230 times)

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I just purchased the Logitech 3d pro joystick and I am configuring it to fly on xbox one star wars battlefront.  On the xbox one controller there are 2 joysticks, one for forward trust and the other for steering/flying.

Your xim4 box only recognizes on of those, thus I can be in regular joystick mode and only trust, or I can choose to swap the joystick option and move around but not trust.

Do you have a way to configure your device to do both?  The extreme 3d has a joystick handle and a joystick point of view, thus 2 joysticks, just like the xbox one controller.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the community. I actually don't have experience with joysticks. If anyone else has an idea please share.

From what I understand if you have set the deadzone in your config correctly then I think they should just work. Also, check to see if you are up to date with our latest beta firmware that improves hardware compatibility. More info on that below.

You can find the latest beta build by visiting the Release Candidates section of the forum linked below. Please read the installation instructions included in the download threads.

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