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computer desk with double keyboard tray  (Read 2791 times)

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computer desk with double keyboard tray
« on: 08:39 PM - 08/13/16 »
I need some help im looking to buy a new desk to game on,im looking for a desk thats big enough for 2 24" monitors b/c one monitor be use for the pc and the other one for the ps4 that i be using xim4 with.Now what im looking for is a desk with dual keyboard tray,b/c i want to have the ps4 and xim4 and one monitor set on there own with there own KB and mouse and then have my pc with there own KB and mouse.But im having a hard time finding desk with dual keyboard tray,the only i have found is http://www.versatables.com/products/basic-computer-table/?gclid=CNfLhrTxv84CFUE7gQodqcUMkg.Anyone know of any others?

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Re: computer desk with double keyboard tray
« Reply #1 on: 09:31 AM - 08/14/16 »
You could always use some extendable heavy duty ball bearing drawer runners to add one to a wide desk that comes without a tray.

I did this with an Ikea desk  http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/00214157/
and put a 900mm wide by 600mm deep tray under the top: (Ikea had doors for sale in the same board type as the desk.)

So if you see a wide enough desk with side supports that will accept screws for the runners, it is fairly straightforward to fit.

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Re: computer desk with double keyboard tray
« Reply #2 on: 07:25 AM - 09/29/16 »
My PS4 is hooked up at my computer desk along with my Work and Personal PC.  I hate having to shuffle stuff around constantly so I ended up building a solution.

What I did with mine is removed the door that covered my keyboard tray, built an external tray that slid into the old tray, then built a lift up tray to hold my 2nd keyboard.

When my keyboard tray is pushed in my PC Keyboard sits on the external tray and my PS4 Keyboard (G.SKILL RGB KM780) and Mouse (G.Skill RGB MX780) are stored inside the tray.

When I want to play PS4 I pull the keyboard try out, flip up my internal tray, and put the PC keyboard there while placing my PS4 keyboard on the external tray.  That way I can play PS4 and use the PC to chat on Twich (when I stream) or shoot the @#$% with friends in google chat.

Here are the pics of my setup:

Tray pushed in with Gaming PC on external tray (work keyboard is resting on the desk).

Tray pulled out with PS4 keyboard in storage position:

Tray flipped up ready to hold my PC keyboard:

PC Keyboard on flip up tray and PS4 keyboard/mouse on external tray

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