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A Question about the Corsair Strafe and BIOS mode  (Read 1502 times)

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Hi. So this is more of a hardware question than a compatibility question, my XIM4 works just fine with my logitech keyboard and I love it. However I decided to give it a try with my corsair Strafe and ran into an issue that FUBAR'd my keyboard.

I was reading the list for hardware compatibility regarding the Corsair Strafe Keyboard and saw about putting it into BIOS mode by holding windows lock and F1 for 3 seconds and it should work with the XIM4, however after I did this to my keyboard, it seems to be stuck in a color-changing loop from rainbow to solid colors and they keys no longer appear to do anything, even on my PC. I tried repeating windows lock + F1 to get out of this mode but nothing seems to work and my keyboard appears to no longer do anything more than put on a fancy rainbow lightshow.

Does anyone know how I can return this keyboard to it's original hardware settings, and why doing what I did seemed to render it useless? I have tried contacting Corsair's customer support but have yet to hear back from anyone on this issue.

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Re: A Question about the Corsair Strafe and BIOS mode
« Reply #1 on: 04:32 PM - 07/27/16 »
Welcome to the community. Is this how the keyboard behaves when its connected to a PC without the software installed? Or does it only behave this way in bios mode? I ask because we have a new build out that improves compatibility and may allow you to use your strafe without using it in bios mode.

You can find the latest beta build by visiting the Release Candidates section of the forum linked below. Please read the installation instructions included in the download threads.

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