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My Sincerest Thanks  (Read 1180 times)

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My Sincerest Thanks
« on: 03:19 PM - 03/20/10 »
I'd just like to say that I broke out my XIM Flex that I'd bought prior to its release, and it has given me the most enjoyable console FPS experience I've ever had in my life, bar none. I could wax fantastic about average scores with a Controller vs. KB/Mouse, but honestly it's not about that when it comes down to it. I feel comfortable with the keyboard and mouse because that's what I'm used to having played numerous games (Half-Life series and other Valve shooters, Doom and Quake series, Unreal Tournament, etc) over the past 12 years or however long I've been playing first person shooters, dating back to Duke Nukem 3D. I can't say that I've become *clap of thunder* THE GREATEST CONSOLE GAMER OF ALL TIME...but it's definitely allowed me to improve and stay competitive with the rest of the pack when I fire up my 360.

A giant amounts of respect and thanks goes to everyone that designed the hardware and software solution that has allowed me such elation that was previously unattainable. As an electrical and computer engineering student, I can appreciate the amount of work that's gone into making this device possible, and I would like to tip my proverbial hat to everyone that's taken part in providing this device, the community at large, and even the configurations submitted to the forums. You've allowed me, and presumably many many others, to play with friends without dragging them down, asking which buttons do which, and granting us the power to make others wonder from time to time, "How the bloody hell is he hitting me between the eyes *every single time*?" Thanks.

- Kaysauce