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XIM4 [Firmware/Manager 20160405] (RELEASE NOTES)  (Read 148999 times)

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XIM4 [Firmware/Manager 20160405] (RELEASE NOTES)
« on: 04:55 PM - 06/15/16 »
If you are using an Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro/Slim controllers or are having hardware compatibility issues, please install our latest firmware.

Firmware 20160405 is our latest official "gold" release and it contains many new features, improvements, and fixes that we are very happy to be able to release to the XIM4 community. It was your feedback that drove this innovation.

Considering the level changes that went into this build, it unfortunately isn't compatible with prior versions of XIM4 firmware or XIM4 Manager. As a consequence there will be a period of time where many XIM4s (including those that have just been purchased) will have incompatible firmware that must be upgraded. We apologize for this inconvenience. We hope that the wide variety of improvements that we've made will make it all worth it for you. :)

If you've installed XIM4 Manager and tried to connect to your XIM4 and you get a solid white light on your XIM4, you know that your firmware is out of date.

Please upgrade your firmware using the following steps (Windows 7 or OSX 10.11 or above required):

  • Hold down the 'P' button on the back of your XIM4
  • Plug your XIM4 into your computer while continuing to hold the 'P' button
  • Wait for your XIM4's light to display blue and then release the 'P' button
  • Download and run the XIM4 Firmware Flash Tool
  • Select Factory Reset (requires re-pair of your XIM4 to your devices)
  • Disconnect your XIM4 from your computer after the tool completes

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR iOS USERS: Pairing is now done via XIM4 Manager rather than the OS (please see http://xim4.com/ios for details)


We've made some changes to how your XIM4 functions that's a little bit different than what you'll see in our Instructional Videos and Manuals. They are:

  • On startup, your XIM4 will now notify you when initialization is complete by displaying four rapid green blinks.
  • Pressing the PS button on your Dualshock 4 is no longer required at startup (your controller will now connect automatically).
  • Your XIM4 will now inform you with flashing quick purple lights if it's detecting conditions that may be causing performance degradation. Let us know if you see this light.



XIM Community members, I'm pleased to be able to release a test version of something we've been working hard on for the last several months. XIM's proprietary Smart Translator technology delivers the best possible console aiming experience consistently across every game. So what could be improved?

We are obviously very secretive about how Smart Translators work. You do know that they are constructed by a custom computer vision-based system I've developed (called the "Smart Trainer"). That hasn't changed. The amount of data that is captured by the Smart Trainer system is enormous. Being able to tap into the entirety of that data is a challenge within the compute budget of XIM4. Smart Translators V2 is the complete rewrite and advancement of the technology to unlock all the data contained within the Translators.


iOS support is an important milestone for us. Obviously iOS is a major platform that many of our community members have asked for. However, the accomplishment from a technical perspective was important given Apple's significant restrictions it places on use of its Bluetooth radio. Plus the architecture changes required in XIM4 to support it.

!IMPORTANT: Pairing is now done via XIM4 Manager rather than the OS (please see http://xim4.com/ios for instructions)


Improved the editing experience (such as numeric input using keyboards and large buttons/hit targets on the UI).


This new drop contains a new feature called Simulated ADS Toggle to give gamers the ability to toggle ADS in games that don't support it. It is located under Advanced Activation settings.

When you have your Aim Down Sight Settings configured to "Toggle" under Activation, your XIM4 will now hold down that button on your behalf. Since games can break out of aim-down-sight based on other actions (such as sprinting, reloading, changing weapons, etc.), a new feature called Deactivation Keys is introduced. Set these keys to functions that automatically break out of aim-down-sight. Then your XIM4 will know when it should return to your Hip settings and stay in-sync with your game.


This new drop contains a new feature called Steady Aim which is designed to optimize Auto Aim behavior in some games (namely, the Call Of Duty franchise). Smart Translators v2 is our highest precision and most responsive translation tech to date. However, some gamers reported feeling like they were fighting against Auto Aim. We took the feedback and found CoD's Auto Aim system susceptible to variances/slight-instabilities of hand movement that is caused by today's ultra high DPI mice. This new feature steadies your aim without affecting micro-aiming or making it feel laggy or unresponsive.

It recommended that if you want to try Steady Aim that you start with your CoD Aim Down Sight Settings.

Steady Aim is not recommended for games like Halo or Destiny.

You can find Steady Aim is located under "Advanced" within your Mouse Settings.


This new drop contains a new feature called Turn Assist. It it located under Advanced Mouse settings. When used, auto-turn occurs as you move your mouse further from where it was engaged.  Use this for slow turning vehicles and turrets.


This new drop contains improvements such as Xbox One Elite controller support (including cross console), PlayStation 4 TouchPad support, and several stability improvements to wireless communication, audio fidelity, and hardware compatibility.


This release also contains a new Console Controller Crossover Config that makes using controllers from other consoles simple. When you add a new Config of this type to your XIM4, it'll automatically configure it with all the correct button bindings so you can start gaming immediately. As always, to use crossover support, set up your XIM4 normally but plug in your controller from a different console into a front port on your XIM4. Then, load this new Config type and you are ready to go.


You can now store 24 Configs on your XIM4 instead of 16.

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