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R6 Siege will not allow me to lean to the right?  (Read 3388 times)

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Re: R6 Siege will not allow me to lean to the right?
« Reply #15 on: 11:30 AM - 06/09/16 »
If you meant using the scroll wheel up/down and not the middle mouse button then you would need to create a script using AHK to do this and change your setup to use XIM Commander. Its not worth it in my opinion.

If you are seeing other buttons being pressed while leaning then this means they are double bound in the ADS setting buttons. Go to edit config, swipe to the ADS setting page, go to buttons, look for other actions that are assigned the Q and E and unassigned them. Q E is the most intuitive lean in my opinion and its commonly assigned to these buttons by default in most PC games that support leaning.
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