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Battlefield 4 vehicle profile setup? This is probably really simple...  (Read 1800 times)

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Hi Guys,
  I just bought the XIM4 mainly for battlefield, and it's been working fantastically while in soldier form. However whenever I try and jump in a vehicle my sensitivity is ridiculously low and not very smooth especially in my fav vehicle the attack helicopter. Can someone give me possibly pictures of a good keybind setup for getting in and out of vehicles while changing back to soldier profile at the same time? Also which X/Y curve thing to use, this part really confuses me. Thanks guys! Pictures of pretty much the entire profile setup would be awesome, thanks!

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This is in the wrong forum, you posted in the XiM edge forum, which is an older model of XIM.

 I actually have the same question, so I will be posting in XIM4, so check that out. (as my search is bringing up mostly HALO topics and this one)
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