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BF5 - can't bind actions like BF4 & 1  (Read 1363 times)

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BF5 - can't bind actions like BF4 & 1
« on: 06:59 PM - 12/02/18 »
As a left-handed player, I use the left hand for the mouse, and the number pad for weapons, sprint, etc. In BF1, I was able to assign individual numbers to individual actions e.g. NUMPAD 4 = throw grenade, NUMPAD 5 = Throw Kit, NUMPAD 6 = Auxiliary Weapon, etc.

The BFV ST only allows me to scroll horizontally or vertically. Is there a way to assign specific keys to specific actions, or has the method of choosing actions changed from BF1? I seem to spend too much time mashing assigned keys trying to highlight med/ammo kits.

Hope this makes sense - I'm new to the forums.