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The Pro Caught Banning Legit 10th Prestige Player  (Read 702 times)

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The last pair of identical threads. You must understand... Noone was arguing that the JTAG'd kid should have been banned. The PROBLEM is that The Pro is obviously a complete douche & you have to ask yourself honestly if this is someone you want with the ability to nuke anyone at any time from any lobby he's in...

So here you go!

Somebody didn't read the rules before posting. You need a post count of 100 500 to talk directly to toys.

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Re: The Pro Caught Banning Legit 10th Prestige Player
« Reply #1 on: 11:49 PM - 03/02/10 »
Regards has a much better case than itzLupo, the modder.  This was easily the most rational video I've seen in a long time
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