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Random guy thinks I hack  (Read 1258 times)

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Random guy thinks I hack
« on: 12:58 AM - 03/02/10 »
So I get a message telling me I rapid fire - which i wasnt- (link 1)
He then sends me a voice message and then another text one (link 2)
In the voice message he keeps saying that a famas must stop firing at some point...I laughed.
So in the end i tell him to google xim and xbox, he tells me to @#$% off and that im just a hacker
the guy is ranked 1040 in kills and its pretty funny how he handled this one
I went 72 and 8 in a demolition match.  Famas all the way!



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Re: Random guy thinks I hack
« Reply #1 on: 04:24 AM - 03/02/10 »
I'm still waiting for some moron to accuse me of aimbotting on a console.

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Re: Random guy thinks I hack
« Reply #2 on: 05:42 AM - 03/02/10 »
its coz of all the rapid fire pads turning up on ebay ,[email protected] see that when there browsing  then in there pee heads they come to the thinking that all good players must be rapid fire hackers etc
. the famas is ocultish with xim some of the kill cam shots ive pulled off have left people ragging
, i had some gobby scottish dude nearly crying on derail he said "how the fu~# did u shot me from there i must have been a pin head i could barely see myself in the kill cam u ~ucking cheating bastard" haha fool , ive had an entire team on my back calling me for this an that from about a 3rd into the game till the end,haha
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If I can make a Good map in 1 month why cant these clowns make a good map in 3 years ?

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Re: Random guy thinks I hack
« Reply #3 on: 05:53 AM - 03/02/10 »
Yeah, the Famas is OP with Xim. Whenever I use that @#$% I just see my player approval rating plummet.