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Destiny, lets make the profiles alive again!  (Read 21607 times)

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Re: Destiny, lets make the profiles alive again!
« Reply #120 on: 11:15 PM - 12/22/16 »
Hi everyone. Just received my xim today for my Xbox one. I'd love to talk with other fellow Xbox players and get some tips.

I've never played a fps on PC before so this mouse and keyboard thing is new. My first observation after a couple hours of playing PvP tonight were...

I'm terrible at movement. I just can't grasp this w a s d movement. Practice makes perfect though. My other observation is wow does a mouse give you great accuracy. I've never shot so well with a sniper in my life. Once I get movement down and couple that with the aiming, watch out!

Any way. I'm up for any tips on how to set this thing up. I'm a total newbie so any little bit will help.


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Re: Destiny, lets make the profiles alive again!
« Reply #121 on: 02:19 AM - 12/26/16 »
try using a ps3 move controller instead of a keyboard ,to me it works better. you can also use the move controller on the xbox one i tried it ,i had the xim 4 for like 2 months with a move controller and g502 i wish i would have use this a long time ago for fps games lol.
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