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Destiny XIM3 translator on xbone  (Read 391 times)

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Destiny XIM3 translator on xbone
« on: 09:08 PM - 03/27/16 »
Hey guys can anyone tell me if the XIM3 version of the translator works the same as the XIM4s? are the look mechanics the same??  I've not used my XIM3 in a long time due to the fact that i cant put xbox one Smart Translators on it(side note why is that Obsiv???) anyway after getting my @#$% kicked multiple times in trials i figured it was time to pull out my native means of controlling a game haha..I just thought id try to ask before i dug it out of a box...

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Re: Destiny XIM3 translator on xbone
« Reply #1 on: 11:26 PM - 03/27/16 »
XIM3 doesn't have enough memory to support multiple console's, it was built specifically for Xbox 360 in mind.

Think about the XIM4 EDGE Beta, When X1 & PS4 support was added, the amount of configs you could have was decreased to just 4.

If OBsIV allowed X1 or PS3/4 STs to be loaded on the XIM3, would they even work correctly like they do on XIM4? Most likely not because you have to rely on a 3rd party adapter to even use the XIM3 on X1/PS4, Which most likely degrades aiming fidelity.

We've seen issues like that when the XIM4 was used with a CronusMax or Titan One (Purple lights)

EDIT: forgot to answer your first question oops

Deadzones & look-mechanics are different between consoles, X1 & X360 might be similar but it will never be 1:1
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I just wanted to say that you are a phenomenal gamer. You make it look so easy and your gameplay has this commanding "tone" to it (i.e. not frantic -- more of a dominating calm :) ).