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Hugely impressed...  (Read 1219 times)

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Hugely impressed...
« on: 04:14 AM - 02/08/10 »
My brother bought the XIM360 and I've been using it when he's not. It's so good, that I feel a bit guilty using it against people just using controllers!

I've always been a PC gamer, and found the controller sticks for FPS just horrible. It's not a nice gaming experience. The mouse and keyboard combination is the way it's meant to be!

My k/d ratio has vastly improved, I come top of most FFA games I play in MW2. I'm sure people I'm playing against must wonder how I'm picking them off with a M16 from the other side of the map with ease :)

Get one!!!

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Re: Hugely impressed...
« Reply #1 on: 03:39 PM - 02/14/10 »
It's definitely great coming from the PC community. Though if you've used a controller for quite some time you can do  the same things as with a XIM(probably not as efficiently though), some may even prefer it. I guess it's just what you're accustomed to.

I'm definitely a lot more comfortable using a XIM though, eLLo