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*How to* use without Extern Soundcard or BT headset, Party Chat+Sound+Xim4  (Read 1485 times)

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For the People who do not have a Extern Sound Card or BT Head Set and want to Chat and hear sound with Xim4.

Waht do you need:

1: A Secound PS4 Controller

2: A Headset to use with the Secound Controller


1. Register a new PSN account, doing this online is recommended. (You dont need PS+)

2. On your console, login with the Secound ps4 Controller  to the new user and connect you Headset

3. Change Your User Account to your  Xim4 Play main User account .

4. Create or go in a Party Chat invte your secound account so you can use Party Chat + Sound with your Secound Ps4 Controller without to buy a extern sound card or BT Headset

5. Done.

(Sorry for my Bad englisch)

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yeah thats a pretty good alternative that most people dont think about, incase a second controller is around ofc ;)
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