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New on forum - question about XIM Edge and PC Compatibility  (Read 1365 times)

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I'm new here so I have some questions:

English is not my native language, so expect some grammar errors =p

I have the opportunity to buy a used XIM Edge for a more affordable price than a brand new XIM4 who is 3x expensive in my country.
I wanna use the XIM Edge mainly with my PC, to play Black ops III on PC and other games who have built in aim assist for controllers.

Using a XIM Edge will I be able to play Black ops III with the controller aim assist using a mouse and keyboard?

And what other games should I use to gain some aim assist playing using this method? I know that Advance warfare is also compatible, but there are very few players online.


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Welcome to the community. Yes, you can do this in games that support controllers but I'm not familiar with the method. I imagine you just connect your XIM4 into your PC with a genuine (not 3rd party) Xbox 360 controller attached and then set up one of the CoD configs.

I'll move this to general so more users have the opportunity to see this and add input.
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Hey. The problem with XIM EDGE the laptop is connected to. Win 10 identified device. Steady blue. Launched xim manager. Launched restore factory defaults.  An hour has passed inscription flashing your xim edge. Please wait.
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